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Zhengzhou BAI-OTT New Material Co., Ltd came to Ordos to participate in the coal exhibition.


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Zhengzhou BAI-OTT New Material Co., Ltd came to Ordos to participate in the coal exhibition.



Inner Mongolia Ordos exhibition site.


        On May 8, the 17th Ordos International Coal Expo, the world's first brand event of the whole industry chain of the energy industry with the innovative exhibition mode of "one city, two exhibitions", successfully concluded in Ordos. With the theme of "strengthening energy cooperation and promoting common development", this expo spans multiple fields including intelligent coal, informatization, unmanned, mechanization, and the entire industry chain of wind, light, hydrogen, storage, and vehicle energy. District Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center and Dongsheng District National Fitness Activity Center, two main venues, 1,219 exhibitors, an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, issued more than 50,000 exhibitor certificates, representative certificates, media certificates, guest certificates and other certificates , the number of exhibitors and visitors reached 81,179, the peak on the opening day exceeded 39,816, and the number of online attention and views exceeded 5 million.





Many people visited Zhengzhou BAI-OTT Exhibition


        Zhengzhou BAI-OTT New Material Co., Ltd.takes the repair of mine conveyor belt as the core, conducts in-depth research on a series of conveying systems including conveyor belt maintenance, roller lagging, etc., integrates modern technology and makes continuous progress, to achieve efficient bonding, strength inspection, and repair Ready-to-use, accurately solve the potential pain points of customers, and realize the bonding of rubber and everything.


        At this exhibition, Zhengzhou BAI-OTT New Material Co., Ltd. showed the market the latest "ceramic lining" developed by our company. The service life of the coal storage bunker has been significantly improved. At the same time, our cold adhesive glue has also been optimized and improved, which shortens the bonding time and can withstand higher temperatures and has a flame-retardant effect, which improves work efficiency and also provides customers. Cost savings.


        Our company has a professional technical service department, and has won unanimous praise from customers with its rich practical experience and "customer-centric" service concept. We have always taken quality as the main core and the core values of seeking development by reputation, and are committed to improving the economic benefits of customers and assisting customers to create greater wealth.