• Conveyor   belt   maintenance   expert

    Conveyor belt maintenance expert

  • Conveyor   belt   maintenance   expert

    Conveyor belt maintenance expert

  • Conveyor   belt   maintenance   expert

    Conveyor belt maintenance expert

ZHENGZHOU Bai-Ott NEW MATERIAL CO. LTD is a manufacturer and international supplier of compounts for conveyor belt and wear protection technology and provides worldwide services for conveyor belt systems. People-oriented, strengthening management, expanding the market and creating superior service are our...

Two-in-one/three-in-one Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner

Ceramic liner, which is mainly used to produce alumina and zirconia wear-resistant ceramic liner, ceramic rubber composite liner, three in one wear-resistant ceramic liner and other products, has the function of abrasion resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance. And it can run in 0℃-250℃ for a long time with the function of acid and alkali resistance as the rubber adopts the new formula of acid and alkali resistant rubber, which can resist weak acid and weak alkali;Anti-shedding, easy installation and replacement, super wear resistance greatly reduce maintenance frequency, cost and labor saving. Basic parameters of rubber Tensile strength(Mpa) ≥14 Break Extension(%) ≥500% Shore hardness(Shore A) 60±5 Rubber and ceramic adhesion force(Mpa) 6 Operating temperature(℃) -40-150℃ Ceramic clearance(mm) 0.8-2.0 Rubber edge(mm) 1.5-2.0   Ceramic rubber composite liner has two in one and three in one type. Two in one type refers to ceramic rubber composite plate, three in one type refers to ceramic rubber steel composite plate.The three-in-one composite plate comes with bolts for easy installation.   【Connection】 Glue or bolt the composite plate to the inner shell of the equipment with high strength organic adhesive or bolt to form a strong, cushioning anti-wear layer.   【Application】Adapt to humidity -40-100℃ of various equipment and anti-wear lining of pipeline, such as blanking tank, hopper, chute, forklift shovel, coal leakage hopper, ball mill import and export pipeline, coal pipeline, etc.   【Features】 Impact resistance:Good buffering performance can effectively buffer the impact of falling from a high attitude.As the main raw material of the product is alumina, the simple wear-resisting ceramic liner has wear-resisting performance, but its toughness is insufficient. When the impact reaches a certain degree, wear-resisting composite liner must be used. Easy construction:No clearance after installation.Rubber composite liner can be twisted, cut and it is suitable for installing various special-shaped equipment. Anti-keep or anti-block the materials:Because of the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramic, the phenomenon of equipment keeping and blocking material is effectively solved.Traditional nylon liner often keeps material, which affects work efficiency. The ceramic rubber composite liner has strong abrasion resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.Rubber elastomer has excellent shock absorption effect and can reduce the noise of material transportation and production. The density of ceramic rubber composite liner is lower than steel plate. With light weight and its high wear resistance, there is no need to be replaced often, which saves a lot of time cost for enterprises.
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