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China Coal & Mining Expo 2023


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China Coal & Mining Expo 2023

 Exhibition overview 

The 19th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing at the end of October 2021.

There are 777 companies participating from 15 countries and regions around the world. The exhibition scale is 110,000 square meters. More than 90% of the exhibitors chose to continue participating in the next exhibition, and 80% of the visitors considered it an exhibition not to be missed. What is displayed here is not only technical equipment, but also concepts, innovation and the future. Nearly 100,000 people from more than 30 countries and regions visited the exhibition. Domestic and foreign coal and mining equipment media extensively reported on the exhibition activities. At the same time, the exhibition held the China International Coal Development Summit Forum, multiple technical exchange meetings, and new product release activities.

Range of exhibition

Underground mining, underground excavation, underground transportation, coal mine electromechanical and power, coal mine auxiliary production system, automated control of coal mine intelligence, open-pit mining, coal processing and utilization, mining services and engineering, mining materials, tools and processing and manufacturing.

It includes our cold vulcanization and hot vulcanization conveyor belt repairs. The cold vulcanization repair adhesive SA3000 is very fast for emergency repair of coal mine conveyor belts, so every company can use our products.

This exhibition has been of great help to our company. We met many customers with whom we communicated online. They showed unusual expressions when they saw us attending the exhibition. Because communication with customers has always been online, they can only see some pictures. Video, when customers actually saw our booth offline, they no longer had any worries and chose to trust us.

We participated in the Beijing Coal Mine Exhibition in 2025. I will invite all our customers to visit Beijing, China. I don’t hope to sell a lot of products. I just want to have more offline communication with customers and make progress together. desire.


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