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Super Wear-Resistant and Flame-Retardant Ceramic Rubber Sheet


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Super Wear-Resistant and Flame-Retardant Ceramic Rubber Sheet

Cold-adhesive Ceramic Pulley Lagging System


On October 15, 2020, our company received an invitation from China Pingdingshan Coal Mine Group to go to the mining area to carry out drum coating operations.

Our technical staff arrived at the site on October 16, 2020. After sampling and analysis, found that the customer’s equipment was severely aging after material impact , and a large number of spare parts were required to be replaced. At the same time, it should provide customers with super wear-resistant solutions.


1. Develop super wear-resistant and flame-retardant rubber formula to solve the problems of rubber ceramic blocks falling off due to uneven force and uneven wear strength of the conveyor belt.


2. Adopt RIT ceramic cold bonding process and use super wear-resistant rubber formula, which can improve the wrapping force and bonding force of rubber to ceramic sheet under special environment.


3. In view of the serious rust of the drum, using RIT pulley lagging operation technology to solve glue lose caused by drum rusting. At the same time, all the metal parts of our products are treated with rust prevention.


Cold-adhesive ceramic pulley lagging is an important part in the material transportation in the production operation of the manufacturer, and it is also an important part of the transportation system.

According to the different requirements of actual working conditions, commonly used rubber sheets include flame-retardant, normal plain rubber sheets, flame-retardant diamond rubber sheets, ordinary wear-resistant rubber sheets, and super-wear rubber sheets. According to this customer needs, engineers recommend  using super wear-resistant and flame-retardant ceramic rubber sheet. The wear resistance coefficient of the ceramic rubber sheet can reach 80mm³AT10N. The wear resistant and impact resistant performance suitable for various climatic conditions, and also suitable for the transportation of wet and sticky materials.

If your belt conveyor often slips, or has drive rollers or reversing rollers whose surface coating is not wear-resistant, super wear-resistant ceramic rubber sheets are the first choice for driving roller coatings for medium and high tension conveyor belts.




After seven hours of work, all installations have been completed.



At present, during the customer's use, all products are running stably without damage, and no ceramic blocks fall off caused by the ceramic pulley lagging high strength wear working. In the future time, the technicians paid a return visit, and customers reported that the service life of the product has been improved from the low wear resistance coefficient of the previous product to the ultra-high wear resistance coefficient , and there is no more cracking and ceramic particles falling off.