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Solve Problems With Low Cost for Customer


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Solve Problems With Low Cost for Customer

One of my customers from Peru is BAI-OTT distributor of the repair tools in his local market. We cooperating for a long time in the conveyor repair tools field.


Resulted by the covid-19, the shipping charge is very high to him so that he can only order a small quantity to meet the urgent demands of construction. Our stocked size is difficult to meet this urgent request because time and MOQ limited. He needed 12.5mm hole size but our 12.5mm is sold out only rest 15mm and the producing time for new is not enough.

For quickly solve the problems of hole size, we use our mould cutting machine produce an UHWMPE gasket to put in the hole. The gasket is removable and size can make the grinding roller better match with his grinding machine. After we test on our machine, everything works well. The gasket as the picture.

If we produce new correct size will need one week and MOQ is high, but we make this gasket only in 1 day. From getting the inquiry to deliver out the goods only in 2 days. The small gasket not only work out the problems of this time, but also give a good suggestion for customer. He said with it, he can order same hole size for one order so that can save some cost in future.


Goods successfully delivery now.


Conveyor belt maintenance industry is a very basic field with complicated problems. Only obtain abundant of experiences can better service for our customers. So every customer who find us will get something from us. Even though we not sold products for you, we would like to help you deal with some difficulties, maybe in future, we will have cooperation.