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Drive pulley lagging


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Drive pulley lagging

The pulley lagging is an important component in the conveyor system of the belt conveyor. The pulley lagging can effectively improve the running condition of the belt during transportation, protect the drum barrel from abrasion, prevent the belt from slipping, and make the roller and belt run synchronously. So as to ensure the efficient and large-volume operation of the tape. Adopting the new cold viscose bread glue technology not only effectively solves the problems of damage and peeling of the rubber, but also the process is simple, labor-saving, labor-saving, low cost, good use effect, and more importantly, it saves the overall disassembly and replacement of the roller Discontinued time. The cold bonding process of the rubber surface can greatly improve the maintenance quality of the rubber surface of the roller and extend the service life of the roller. In the twenty years since our company was founded, we have encountered many projects of large and small sizes. The following are the common types of pulley lagging.

1. The following is the most common situation. As shown in the figure, this is a conveyor roller that has never been coated. This is the easiest to operate. It should be noted that despite the new roller, we are working The surface of the roller should also be polished during the process, which will increase the bonding strength.


2. The problem of excessive friction and corrosion of the roller appeared in the following. The roller was previously coated with flat rubber. The flat rubber has only abrasion resistance, but lacks friction and self-cleaning ability. This kind of roller can be used in a conveyor for transporting light and dry materials, but once the conveyor is transporting heavy, wet materials, flat rubber cannot meet the requirements. In this case, diamond rubber with a higher friction coefficient is selected. Diamond rubber increases friction under the premise of high wear resistance.



The above two situations are the most common in our construction. In the future, we will show you more pulley lagging. If you want to see other, please leave me a message and I will try to show you.

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