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Our experience of 2019 Indonesia Mining Expo


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Our experience of 2019 Indonesia Mining Expo

Start from 2019 beginning, our company went down to establish a lab for continually perfecting our products quality and technology. After a long terms of hard working with the support of different department, we build the strong system with our factory, laboratory, construction team and research team who can provide all-round services and solutions for various of problems of your conveyor belt. Therefore, we develop very quickly in this year so that we can split some energy to participate in this Expo.


This ID Mining Expo aimed at gather outstanding mining machine and related products manufacturers to achieve technology communication and cooperation. After four days we found that our conveyor belt maintenance products are very necessary for both the end user and some mining machine manufacturer. For example belt conveyor manufacturers, crane manufacturers, cement factories, mining factories and so on. Whats more, after our deeply discussion and communication with them, we got that they need more specific products for different usage. There is a example, one of our crane customers need heavier duty impact bar for better effect, and use UHWMPE plate for special usage but not just slip and anti-attack function.


Very glad can collect these demands and special field changing news from this Expo. After we back to office we discuss these situations and problems with our engineer so that can update our products function and special points for more specific application. We will start our OEM service in future, so if you have target or special requirements in this field, welcome to give us your problems.


Ramimtech Laboratory establishment

With our booming development of the products fields and marketing range, we not only need to put forward the products productivity but also need to continuously upgrade our quality to meet various of applications and requirements. Therefore, after our consideration so we start building our R&D center from the beginning of 2019. After hard working we finish all of the equipment in the first season of this year. Our engineer dedicated in researching everyday and work out the most strengthen splicing materials that outstanding from all of the other manufacturers in China now.


Up to now, our lab has been produced the super strengthen splicing uncured rubber materials to meet the demands of the mining and mechanical factory who with very large productivity and working power. After we test them found that the vulcanizing effect of our new produced materials can beyond more than 30% of the original conveyor belt. This researching results can save the repair cost, repair time of the factories so that will indirectly increase the productivity.


The mission of our lab is to constantly produce new and upgrade products to solve difficulties in the conveyor belt maintenance which other manufacturers all can not solve. The principle of the lab is that never produce problematic materials to broke customers trust of us. The working of the lab is to test all of the similar materials in market now and get the results that if those current exist materials really equal to their name and price.


If you want to test the materials what you using now, please dont hesitate to contact with us. And if you have any problems of the conveyor maintenance which are always not solved now, please try faster to inquiry us to solve your problems.

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